Tee time with Amy Grant

By EW Staff
Updated September 09, 1994 at 04:00 AM EDT

Renegade rockers Iggy Pop, Mike D of the Beastie Boys, and Alice Cooper might be appalled to learn that they share something other than music with happy-go- lucky popmeister Amy Grant: strokes. Yes, the former gospel singer has taken up golf, the current sport du jour for music-biz types and artists of all stripes. Perhaps Grant’s playing such a traditional game isn’t out of whack with her goody-goody image and music. But on this hot summer morning, at a course in the mountains high above Los Angeles, Grant, 33, is displaying a feistier side. Recounting her first time on the links, she says: ”I totally lost my temper. I got caught in a sand trap and it took me eight strokes to get out. I finally just threw myself up in the air and body-slammed to the ground.” Later, squibbing an unfortunate grounder, she cracks, ”Bowling for dollars.”

Grant, whose 14th album, House of Love, hits stores this month, and whose 13 others have sold 15 million copies worldwide, started putting this year because it was a good way both to schmooze radio programmers across the country, and to spend time with her husband, songwriter-producer Gary Chapman. Before that, she scoffed at the sport. ”It seemed like a real waste of time,” she says. ”But so much of a musician’s life is inside—on a bus, in a concert hall. It’s nice to get outside. And it’s a great thing to do on tour- especially in cities I’ve visited so many times I know the animals at the zoo by their first names.”

But, warns Grant, the sport is not always benign-at least not at the Golf Club of Tennessee, near her home in Franklin. ”The course there is cut out of absolute wilderness,” she says. ”My husband played two consecutive games. The first day he killed one water moccasin and four copperhead snakes. The next day five copperheads. Now he carries a gun in his bag. Works better than a 5- iron.”