Feather Bound

By EW Staff
Updated September 09, 1994 at 04:00 AM EDT

From Michele Lowell’s Your Pet Bird: A Buyer’s Guide (Henry Holt): ”To Scooter, our feisty blue-spangled budgie, who hurls her toys from her playground, peers curiously at the guinea pigs, and refuses to say anything except fweep. And to Sprite, our flirtatious green-pied budgie: may he one day figure out that his little plastic bird friend will never return his hopeful advances.”

Loser of the Week
David Copperfield Magic’s main man may soon lose his mystique. A judge has allowed Lifetime Books to publish All the Secrets of Magic Revealed, in which author Herbert L. Becker exposes secrets of Copperfield’s illusions. ”I’ve gone from depression to exultation,” says the book’s publisher, Donald Lessne, who plans to release the tome in November.