The funniest TV lines for the week of Aug. 26

By EW Staff
Updated August 26, 1994 at 04:00 AM EDT

”(My fiancee) took my hand and she said, ‘Honey, if Mel Gibson doesn’t go to parties, he’s enigmatic and mysterious. If you don’t go to parties, people forget you.” -Beverly Hills Cop III ‘s Judge Reinhold, on The Tonight Show

”I feel like Captain Kirk handing over the reins of the Enterprise to Captain Picard!” –Bob Costas to his replacement, Greg Kinnear, on Later

”If I amuse myself, I’m hitting 25 percent of your audience.” –Howie Mandel, joking about the virtues of Later‘s small viewership

”In 1951, I signed a lifetime contract with NBC. Unfortunately, it expired 15 years ago.” –Milton Berle, on CNBC’s Tom Snyder