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Updated August 26, 1994 at 04:00 AM EDT

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Carreyed away What a story ( 234, Aug. 5)! What a guy! It is so wonderful to see such a talented man finally discover great success! I’ve watched Jim Carrey since he first began appearing on In Living Color and always knew that one day I’d be watching him on a much larger screen. As it turns out, I was right. It’s not very often I actually finish a magazine article knowing I just learned about a truly sincere and talented person.
Jeff Viale
San Francisco

I bow to your genius for gracing the cover with the adorable Lord Jim’s presence. Recently, I realized that Carrey has been hiding heart-pounding good looks behind a mask of gut-busting goofiness. Could you please reveal what I (a romantic admirer) have discovered by printing more photos that portray Jim Carrey as a charming prince instead of an Ace? Amy Lynn Bootes

TV Verite

I fully enjoyed the article ”Get Real,” and I am pleased about the recognition the Real World cast has finally received for acting so normal while cameras are in their faces constantly. The show will not be the same without Puck’s crazy pranks and comments, but at least we’ll get to see glimpses of him from time to time.
Coryell German
Montgomery, Ala.

Mohammed deserves more of a description than just saying that he’s a rapper. I was disappointed, to say the least, in the unequal coverage given to this young man. Each and every one of the other members of the Real World cast was given a more complete description. To me, Mohammed comes across as a poet and a very bright young man with a great deal of integrity.
Angelique Thomason

In this Puck-filled real world, it is refreshing and encouraging to find people such as Pedro who are more content with trying to endow the world with knowledge, compassion, and understanding than with trying to make sure the world revolves around them.
G.L. Barsi
Santa Rosa, Calif.

There are plenty of good things about popular culture. Ergo, please provide us no more articles on The Real World. The whole thing makes me gag.
Mark Rhodes
Wilmington, N.C.

A Real World without Puck will no doubt suck!
Martha A. Suder
Warrington, Pa.

Funny? You Should Ask

As head writer on both of Tom Arnold’s TV shows, I have known for the last two years what everyone else seems surprised to discover-that Tom is genuinely a funny and talented actor (”Tom in the Eye of the Storm”). Too bad the public didn’t catch on sooner. Instead of enjoying his performances for free, they’ll now have to shell out seven bucks or more. By the way, The Jackie Thomas Show may have been a critical ”bomb.” But had writer Lisa Schwarzbaum bothered to check, she would know that the show tied for 14th place for the ’92-’93 season.
Steve Pepoon
Chatsworth, Calif.

Mixed Up

Harvard psychologist Carolyn Newberger claims that the Disney animated film The Lion King used ”ethnically mixed actors” for the voices of the evil characters in the movie (News & Notes). Excuse me? Last I heard, Jeremy Irons’ character, Scar, was also a bad guy, and Irons is definitely not ”ethnically mixed” in any discernible way. Newberger conveniently forgets the fact that the voices of Simba’s ma and pa were supplied by Madge Sinclair and James Earl Jones, respectively, both of whom are exceptional actors who are also ”ethnically mixed.”
Shelley Kennedy
Long Beach, Calif.

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