Soap star Richard Burgi -- The ''Another World'' star did not count himself as one of ''Charlie's Angels'' star Cheryl Ladd's many fans

By Alan Carter
Updated August 19, 1994 at 04:00 AM EDT

At first Richard Burgi wasn’t thrilled to be working with one of Charlie’s Angels. ”Frankly, I was negative about it,” recalls Burgi, 36, who costars with Cheryl Ladd on CBS’ One West Waikiki. ”I wasn’t one of those masturbatory youths transformed by her.” But as a veteran of four soaps (most notably Another World, playing creepy pimp Chad from 1986-87), Burgi was in no position to lord it over Ladd. ”I thought, ‘Give her a chance.’ It’s like people dismiss me ’cause I was on daytime. Cheryl has great energy and integrity, so I’m grateful I got over my superiority thing.” If One West returns after the summer, Burgi, an ex-construction worker from New Jersey (who also played a pediatrician eyed by Elaine on Seinfeld last season), would be happy to hang in Hawaii: ”There are worse places — I’m not in Sarajevo!”