Our panel of experts weighs in on the veteran host's newest late-night gig

By Frank Spotnitz
August 19, 1994 at 04:00 AM EDT

Now that CBS has officially named Tom Snyder heir to the post-Letterman throne — his live 12:30 a.m. show premieres in December — the question remains: How will the 20-year TV veteran fare with 20-year-olds? The results of an informal poll:

The media analyst: ”I don’t think it’s a natural flow from Letterman to Snyder. David Letterman has a much younger audience. I’m not sure [CBS] didn’t blow it.”

The CNBC staffer: ”His career has defied [demographics]. He has always been popular with kids from way back on the Tomorrow show. He transcends age.”

The program director: ”He deserves more of a chance than some others who’ve been given the opportunity.”

The Late Show audience member: ”Tom Snyder is a staple of late-night TV. It’s a safe bet for CBS to stick him on. [But] I like Conan O’Brien better. I’m a cynical Generation X member who doesn’t appreciate prepackaged, corporate, late-night TV.”

Dave himself: (On what kind of demographics he envisions) ”We’re shooting for nursing homes.” — With reporting by Dana Kennedy and Sarah A. Young