A humorous list that proves Tinseltown needs to grow up

By Jim Mullen
Updated August 19, 1994 at 04:00 AM EDT

1. ”See Spot. See Spot run,” is considered sophisticated writing in both places.

2. Not everyone who gets a gold star deserves it. <p. 3. They both have lazy people who want to borrow your homework.

4. The people you want to play with don’t always want to play with you.

5. Going to the gym is still a lesson in low self-esteem.

6. In both places, everyone wnders why they had to learn long division.

7. Everyone can’t wait to go home and watch TV.

8. Sometimes you can get good marks just for attendance.

9. There are big bullies who can’t wait to make you life miserable.

10. The cafeteria still serves mystery meat.