The short-lived 80s sitcom plays its series finale for the first and last time this week

By Benjamin Svetkey
Updated August 12, 1994 at 04:00 AM EDT

Cyberpunks and ’80s-aholics, take note: This is your last chance to catch Max Headroom on Bravo. ABC’s trippy 1987 sci-fi show will end its summer run with ”Baby Grobags” (Aug. 12 and 14), the series finale about test-tube babies, which ABC never aired.

For the benefit of the Max-impaired: The series is set in a grim video-age dystopia where TV networks have become so all-powerful that it’s illegal for viewers to turn off their sets. Matt Frewer (Doctor, Doctor) plays both Edison Carter, intrepid investigative reporter for the top-rated Network 23, and Max, Carter’s computer-generated, stuttering alter ego.

Despite an intense media blitz, ABC unplugged Max Headroom after only 14 episodes. But over the years a cult following has grown — Max even has his own web site on the Internet — and today the show’s proto-cyber atmospherics couldn’t seem fresher. ”The show spawned a look, with its white light through the smoke and bleak Orwellian future,” says Frewer. ”We laid the groundwork for things to come.” Perhaps now the world will catch up with Max.