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By EW Staff
Updated August 12, 1994 at 04:00 AM EDT

‘Models’ Ink

What is Mr. Spelling’s problem? Yet another 90210-esque series that features no people of color. Your article on Models Inc. (232, July 22) points out that a black female will be added to the cast. Pressure, maybe? It’s a shame a power hitter such as (Models executive producer) Aaron Spelling is so unwilling to diversify his programs.
Harold Abrams
New York City

Thank you for your story on Models Inc. So what if the show is trash? It’s fun trash and a refreshing break from summer reruns.
Kimberly Nichols
North Charleston, S.C.

It irked me to no end when Models Inc. writer Frank South said the show is trying to say that problems are problems, no matter how you look. If this were so true, why wasn’t a show created about short, plain, size 12 and 14 women and less-defined men who have the same personalities as the new Models cast? This just helps reinforce insecurity among females, and the myth that woman are required to look like models.
Katrina Estrellado
Elmhurst, N.Y

If Models Inc. is such a bad show, why have a shoot with the cast, talk to real models about what it is really like, and spend eight pages and a cover on pictures and articles about it?
Danielle Surges
Mukwonago, Wis.

Throwing Stones

Stop the presses, close down the record shops, retire all bands. According to you, the Rolling Stones are all that count in the music world. Fifteen reviews? If you think an album is that great, put it on the cover and do a story, but don’t insult us and other musicians by ignoring bands that justly deserve a few words in your increasingly off-center publication.
Scott G. Gibson

There should be congressional hearings on mandatory retirement for rock musicians after age 50. Why must such a talented band resort to profanity? Is Mick trying to be Axl Rose? My grade is F-.
George W. Whisenhunt III
St. Matthews, S.C.

Spunky Sandra

Thank you so much for the article on Sandra Bullock. I saw Speed three times because of her spunky character. She also had great chemistry with Keanu Reeves. Let’s hope the rumors about a sequel are true so that Annie and Jack’s relationship can continue.
Rob Gulla
Massapequa, N.Y.

The Real O.J. Losers

In ”squeeze players” on the ”winners and losers” of the O.J. Simpson case, I was shocked you chose Leslie Abramson as one of the ”losers”! To have such a beautiful and knowledgeable woman legal consultant make sense of the preliminary hearing was a tribute to ABC News’ fine coverage. Abramson’s experience as a deputy public defender far outweighed ”winner” Cynthia McFadden’s as a ”legal affairs correspondent.”
I think your article missed the point on who the real loser was: Dr. Irwin Golden, the deputy medical examiner, whose weak testimony showed us just how shockingly badly the L.A. forensic team handled this case and what a scandal much of their work is.
Tony J. Severino
Haddonfield, N.J.