We answer your burning questions about the biggest marriage in music

By Nisid Hajari
Updated August 12, 1994 at 04:00 AM EDT

The admission of Lisa Marie Presley, 26, that she did indeed wed Michael Jackson, 35, in the Dominican Republic on May 26 answers one tabloid mystery. But the confirmation of the union — a merger of assets worth an estimated $300 million — only raises a hunka hunka burnin’ questions. To wit:

Why would the long-sheltered daughter of Elvis marry the eccentric King of Pop? ”Rebellion,” claims a source close to the Presley family. ”Because even though she inherited [Elvis’ estate] at 25, Priscilla [Presley, Lisa’s mother] has kept her on a short rein and given her an allowance of $4,000 a month.” Not so, says George Klein, a Memphis deejay and a friend of Elvis’: ”She’s in love with him, sure. I believe every word she says.” Several Jackson sources also say the marriage is genuine.

When did they meet? Jerry Schilling, Lisa Marie’s former manager and once a member of Elvis’ entourage — dubbed the Memphis Mafia — recalls introducing the King’s young daughter to the Jackson family at the Tahoe Sahara in the early ’70s, when Jackson would have been a teenager.

What’s in it for her? If reports that Presley wants a singing career are true, she could benefit from Jackson’s touch. ”Sure, there’d be interest in a Lisa Marie album,” confirms Larry King, a buyer at Tower Records, L.A. ”But she’d have to have the best management, the best producers, she’d have to have very strong songs. [Otherwise] it’d be the equivalent of Pia Zadora.”

What’s in it for him? ”My own personal take on this is it can only help [his] career because of the question about his sexuality,” says a Jackson source. ”He’s never grown up and become a man, and now suddenly this throws him into the adult world.”

What about those charges of sexual misconduct? Given that Presley has two small children, Danielle, 5, and Benjamin, 21 months, it’s a pertinent question. A Santa Barbara grand jury was disbanded in April without announcing any action against Jackson. But in L.A., ”the [police] investigation is still under way,” says a spokesman for district attorney Gil Garcetti.

How does the King feel? There are conflicting reports. ”He probably was trying to find every which way to get back here,” says Marty Lacker, also a member of Presley’s inner circle and coauthor of the upcoming Elvis Aaron Presley: Revelations From the Memphis Mafia (HarperCollins). ”The fact is, he wouldn’t want her to marry somebody out of his own race. But he also wouldn’t have liked Michael’s weirdness.” On the other hand, Dee, of La Toya Jackson’s Psychic Discoveries Network, says, ”Elvis approves [of the marriage] in a spiritual sense. He’s given his blessing.”

Was there a prenuptial agreement? At press time, there was no definitive information about an agreement, but those in the know say it would be expected that people in their positions would have one.

What gifts did L. Ron Hubbard’s followers shower upon the couple? ”We just found out about the wedding from the press,” claims a spokeswoman for the Church of Scientology, ”so we haven’t had the opportunity to get them a gift.”