''Tropical Depression Fabio'' makes its way to Hawaii

By Jessica Shaw
August 12, 1994 at 04:00 AM EDT

Fabio has been called many things: model, actor, superstud, and romance writer. Now you can add hurricane to that list. Well, almost. The gales of Tropical Depression Fabio were all set to hit the coast of Hawaii on the weekend of July 22, when the wind dropped and it was downgraded to a mere tropical storm. The original Fabio, however, wasn’t disappointed by the demotion. ”I don’t want to destroy the world,” he says emphatically. ”I love the world — especially Hawaii. It’s very beautiful and very spiritual.” But according to The Weather Channel’s hurricane specialist, John Hope, ”Fabio” will be back. ”The name will be used again,” says Hope. ”It just wasn’t enough of a storm this time.”