Celebrities like Keanu Reeves and Jerry Bruckheimer square off at a weekly hockey game


Forget Monday night at Morton’s. The best place to spot Hollywood’s hotshots is on the ice. Specifically, the San Fernando Valley’s Iceoplex, where Keanu Reeves, Mike Myers, Denis Leary, producer Jerry Bruckheimer, and Columbia VP Barry Josephson, among many others, have been convening for weekly hockey games. ”It’s a great workout and a fun night out,” says Josephson. ”It’s also a good place to cut a deal.” Adds producer Andrew Form: ”My project (the upcoming Gatorface) was put together on the bench.” Despite all the moving and shaking, however, there’s one celeb who sees a certain irony in the locale. ”It’s weird,” says Reeves, the team’s goalie. ”[We’re playing] hockey in the desert!”