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By EW Staff
Updated August 05, 1994 at 04:00 AM EDT

Bridges Gap

As a fan of Jeff and Lloyd Bridges, I enjoyed ”The Blast Action Hero” (231, July 15). I was disappointed, though, that Lloyd’s oldest son, Beau, a talented actor-director in his own right, was barely mentioned. I’m thrilled that Jeff and Lloyd are doing well, but it’s time for Beau to get the stardom he deserves too.
Renee Newbold
Newport News, Va.

So, The Last American Hero is ”totally forgettable”? Right, and your writer is a brain surgeon. Hero is a fine biography of stock-car-racing legend Junior Johnson, and it contains a wonderful performance by Jeff Bridges.
John A. Kelleher
Summit, N.J.

‘Gump’ Grumps

More often than not I agree heartily with your film reviews, so it really stands out when you so completely miss the boat, as Owen Gleiberman did with his accounting of Forrest Gump. It isn’t that he didn’t get it; it’s more that he would have been happier if it had simply been another film.
Larry Randolph
Studio City, Calif.

Let me see if I’ve got this straight: To Forrest Gump, the summer’s most — no, only — humane and original adult movie, you give a grade of C, while The Flintstones gets a B, and Speed rates an A. What’s wrong with this picture?
Randy J. Kaplan
New York City

Kudos to Owen Gleiberman for his critique of Forrest Gump. He’s one of the few reviewers for a national publication who didn’t heap effusive praise on this lousy movie.
Christopher Phillips
Takoma Park, Md.

Civil War II

When is Shelby Foote going to realize that not every American’s life revolves around the Civil War? Many people know little or nothing about the war or the Manassas, Va., area and would never plan a trip there without an attraction like Disney’s America, which will bring in a gigantic tide of tourists and enlighten them. Every inch of America is laden with history; we can’t preserve it all — where would we live?
Jameson Simmons
Jacksonville Beach, Fla.

Batman and Women

If Batman can survive Adam West, incoherent films, and 50-plus years of comic-book bad guys, he’ll survive the loss of Michael Keaton (News & Notes). I liked Keaton as Batman, but I’m relieved Bruce Wayne no longer looks like a poster boy for Hair Club for Men.
Glenn L. Zocchi
Clifton, N.J.

Would Val Kilmer instead of Michael Keaton keep me from seeing Batman Forever? No. Would pulling Rene Russo out of the flick because she’s a few years older than Kilmer? Yes.
Teri Jordan
Columbus, Ohio

Hollywood seems intent on linking older male stars with younger women. Why is it considered taboo if the situation is reversed?
Jennifer Woods
Peabody, Mass.