How the cast and crew of ''90210'' are coping with their loss

By Kate Meyers and James Endrst
Updated August 05, 1994 at 04:00 AM EDT

How happy are the cast and crew of Beverly Hills, 90210 now that their set is a Shannen-Free zone? Very. ”I’ll miss her, the show will miss her; I will not miss Shannen, and the show won’t miss Shannen,” said Hills costar Jennie Garth diplomatically. ”[We were] a family, and now we’re a different family.” And apparently Garth is not alone in her sentiments. ”I don’t think it was any secret that the cast was fed up,” says executive producer Charles Rosin, adding, ”I wish [Doherty] the best in anything she does.” Pause. ”Just do it somewhere else.”