The Oscar-winning actor takes on his son's favorite character

Batman Family Values? It wasn’t the megabucks or the cool costumes alone that persuaded Tommy Lee Jones to take the role of Harvey ”Two- Face” Dent in Batman Forever. It was his 11-year-old son, Austin. ”[When] I went to meet with Tommy to do my spiel to get him to do the role,” says director Joel Schumacher, ”I got there and Austin had a pile of Batman comics with Two-Face on top. Tommy told me he’s doing the character because it’s Austin’s favorite.” Father-son bonding aside, the character also fit the Oscar-winning actor’s main criteria for a part. Says Jones: ”I like roles that are well-written, that are part of a good business deal, and that will take me to a pretty location.” In this case, New York and L.A., beginning Sept. 21.

Batman Forever
  • Movie
  • PG-13
  • 122 minutes
  • Joel Schumacher