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By EW Staff
Updated July 22, 1994 at 04:00 AM EDT


Loved your article on Julia Roberts by Mark Harris and photos by Ken Regan (228/229, June 24). The article shows how confident, intelligent, and down-to-earth Julia is. I love that about her. She deserves the money she makes — and even more. Let’s have more on Julia’s acting career — but leave her private life private.
S. Fostyk

Excuse me: Isn’t Julia Roberts cool in any season?
Chuck Carter
Hapeville, Ga.


I am so excited about Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein that I am going to burst. Seeing your Cool issue’s wonderful article with pictures of Kenneth Branagh and Helena Bonham Carter was the perfect way to kick off my summer!
Robin Dupont
East Hartford, Conn.

Two hundred dollars (or more!) for a Regal angelfish that will probably starve to death in a matter of weeks? Certain saltwater fish feed on things most fish keepers can’t obtain. (With Regals, it’s particular species of sponges.) Don’t get me wrong: I’ve been a saltwater fish keeper for a number of years, but certain fish should be left in the ocean!
John Popowitz
Middletown, N.Y.


Thank you for the kind words about Dream On‘s season opener. Thanks also for listing me as the director of the episode, but I can’t accept the kudos. The episode was directed by our show’s other coexecutive producer, Ron Wolotzky. By publishing this letter, you are saving me from a barrage of calls from Ron’s family and the Directors Guild dues department.
Stephen Engel
North Hollywood, Calif.


Re: David Browne’s review of Celine Dion’s new album in which he managed to put me down. Here are the facts: (1) I’ve only put out one ”over-the-top” power ballad, ”Hold on to the Nights.” (2) No one ”cranks” out anything for me — I write and produce my own records. (3) No one can sound ”frisky.” Good writing, Dave.
I don’t care if you slam me, but be accurate. And thanks for all the wonderful contributions you’ve made to music lovers. Having a great life,
Richard Marx


I’m thrilled to see ’80s music finally getting a little credit! I am the proud owner of nearly every tape you listed in your review. For me, ”Stray Cat Strut,” ”Too Shy,” and ”Whip It” beat the angst-ridden, depressing, whining, incoherent music of the ’90s any day!
Jocelyn Levy
St. Louis

Corrections: We misstated the number of novels published by Andrew Bergman. Sleepless Nights is his third, following The Big Kiss-Off of 1944 (1974) and Hollywood and LeVine (1975). Also, Goldeneye will be the 18th James Bond film, not counting the 1967 Bond spoof Casino Royale.