By Steve Simels
Updated July 22, 1994 at 04:00 AM EDT

In the Line of Fire director Wolfgang Petersen put himself on the international map with this realistic, cinematically fluent World War II submarine flick that remains highly impressive despite its troubling Nazis Were Victims Too theme. This new laserdisc edition marks Das Boot‘s first video appearance in wide-screen, essential for appreciating Petersen’s carefully claustrophobic compositions. And there’s another, somewhat surreal, bonus: With the digital and analog soundtracks, you can access the film either in German or skillfully dubbed English. Since English subtitles remain on screen either way, you’ll note that some of the translations seem to have been scrambled by Woody Allen. When a crossword-puzzling sailor announces a clue as ”desert animal with two humps,” for example, the titles inexplicably render it as ”deep affection — four letters.” A-