By Kenneth M. Chanko
Updated July 22, 1994 at 04:00 AM EDT

AGES 2 to 5

The James Marshall Library Over the past two decades, the award-winning author-illustrator created incredibly canny interpretations of classic fairy tales. This sublime posthumous collection of animated adaptations features old standbys such as Red Riding Hood and a brief documentary on Marshall. A

Shelley Duvall’s Bedtime Stories Duvall, one of the more prolific purveyors of kids’ entertainment, has lovingly created six animated versions of picture-book stories on three new videotapes. Steve Martin, Candice Bergen, Morgan Freeman, and Billy Crystal narrate these rich, fanciful tales. A-

There Goes an Airplane All things aeronautic — from the Wright Brothers to the Blue Angels — get the once-over in this giddy tape, which even finds something positive to say about baggage handlers. One in a series of There Goes tapes, which include similar back-to-basics segments on police cars, trains, and boats. B

AGES 5 to 9

Dragonworld A Scottish teen with an adorable pet dragon gets sucked into an evil moneymaking scheme by a greedy entrepreneur. If it sounds like Free Willy meets Jurassic Park, it is. One saving grace: This made-for-video quickie offers kids a real monster movie free of any trauma. C

Beethoven’s 2nd Unlike most sequels, this is better, funnier, and a bigger heart-tugger than the first, thanks to a litter of pooches running around and a new, Cruellaesque villain after them. Charles Grodin is the perfect straight man; the dogs are a howl. B

AGES 9 and up

Blank Check With $1 million comes understanding and responsibility but only after a series of spending sprees and chase scenes. An obvious comedy about an 11-year-old who cashes a mobster’s check, shops till he nearly drops, and finally realizes he has it pretty good — even without the cash. C