The recording artist could be the next guest star on HBO's hit sitcom

By Bruce Fretts
July 15, 1994 at 04:00 AM EDT
  • TV Show

Madonna’s foul-mouthed appearance on Late Show With David Letterman in March seems like perfect fodder for HBO’s The Larry Sanders Show, starring Garry Shandling, but Shandling isn’t so sure. ”I haven’t figured out how to do it,” he admits. ”I’m pessimistic on our ever actually getting Madonna on the show. I’d love to, but I haven’t even asked her yet. I just can’t handle rejection.” Madonna spokeswoman Liz Rosenberg, however, thinks Shandling is being too neurotic. ”I’d certainly encourage her to do it,” says Rosenberg. ”It’s a great show. I’d tell him not to be shy.” Are you listening, Garry?