By Ken Neville
Updated July 15, 1994 at 04:00 AM EDT

While soccer fans are glued to the TV for the World Cup, video fanatics can get into the action with two top-notch electronic versions. Hands down, the trophy goes to FIFA International Soccer (EA Sports, Sega CD), with the slightly less sophisticated World Cup USA ’94 (U.S. Gold, Sega Genesis) placing second.

FIFA scores the winning goal with smoother graphics and easier access to advanced features. First-timers will enjoy using such glamour shots as diving headers and bicycle kicks. Though fast-paced and responsive, FIFA does have one drawback: the waiting time while information is read off the CD (which doesn’t occur during game play).

World Cup USA ’94 excels with a unique ”radar” that lets a player find an open man on the wing without scrolling through the whole stadium. As the licensed product of the 1994 World Cup, it also features Striker, the Cup mascot, and lists the 24 tournament teams. An upcoming CD version (Sega CD and CD-ROM for PC) may smooth out the jerky graphics. Nevertheless, video jocks will get a kick out of both games. FIFA: A-