TV's funniest lines from June 24 to July 7

By EW Staff
Updated July 08, 1994 at 04:00 AM EDT

”Man, I’m going to get my own peanut butter and everybody can just kiss my butt.”
-Puck, solving a household dispute, on MTV’s third Real World

”David Caruso, he’s got an okay butt Franz I love him, but he hasn’t got the greatest backside….I’ve got a decent butt, but they haven’t explored it.”
-Nicholas Turturro on NYPD Blue‘s nudity, to David Letterman

”Henry Kissinger came to the set of ‘The Partridge Family.’ He was crushed when he found out I was the only one who could play. He said, ‘You mean Tracy, she no play?”’
-David Cassidy to Conan O’Brien

”Barbara, quiet for a second, sorry, my apologies, but he’s coming out, I believe.”
-Peter Jennings shushing Walters, on 20/20‘s coverage of the O.J. Simpson standoff