A guide to the people and witticisms of HBO's hit show

By Bruce Fretts
Updated July 08, 1994 at 04:00 AM EDT
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In an early episode of HBO’s The Larry Sanders Show, Sanders’ dim-witted talk-show sidekick, Hank Kingsley (Jeffrey Tambor), explained the origin of his tag line, ”Hey now!” ”When I was a kid, I used to say ‘hey,’ and then later I said ‘now,’ but I never put it together until later.”

It didn’t take quite that long for star-executive producer Garry Shandling and cocreator Dennis Klein to think up ”Hey now!,” a knockoff of Ed McMahon’s ”Hi-O!” Little did they know it would become a real catchphrase. ”I get a lot of ‘Hey now!”’ Tambor says. ”Sometimes I hear it yelled from cars.”

Larry’s monologue-closing mantra, ”Don’t flip around” (or ”No flipping”), accompanied by a mimed remote control akin to Johnny Carson’s golf swing, doesn’t get quoted to Shandling on the street, but that doesn’t bother him. ”I’m thrilled that no one says my name followed by any version of the word flip,” he jokes. ”There’s a double entendre in there somewhere.”

But ”Hey now!” and ”Don’t flip around” are only two of the memorable phrases heard on Sanders. Here are 64 more:

Andropolis Greek luxury liner on which Hank served as cruise director prior to his Larry Sanders gig

applesauce bad pun Hank uses to warm up the audience (”That sign says ‘Applesauce.’ No, no, no, I’m kidding. It says ‘Applause.”’)

Roseanne and Tom Arnold couple who scold Larry for censoring gay performance artist Tim Miller and sometimes park in Hank’s space

Elizabeth Ashley Evening Shade star who has a steamy encounter with Larry’s executive producer, Artie (Rip Torn), in the wardrobe room

blower Hank-ese for the telephone (”Get Ray Combs on the blower.”)

Dana Carvey ex-SNLer who guest-hosts for Larry, then gets offered a late-night talk show on another network

Dick Cavett CNBC chatterbox who Hank falsely claims has offered him a cohost job during his contract talks

Chicken in a Minute poultry chain Hank wants to mention on the show to get picked as its national spokesman

Come here! phrase that Larry’s second wife, Jeannie (Megan Gallagher), suggests as an alternate to ”Hey now!”

David Copperfield illusionist whom Hank’s spacey secretary, Darlene (Linda Doucett), once a magician’s assistant, supposedly dated

crap column Hank’s term for the work of an L.A. Times reporter who printed a Montana woman’s bogus paternity claim against Larry

crapper Artie-speak for restroom; not to be confused with ”clapper,” the sound-activated device Hank uses to turn out his office lights

Denny’s downscale restaurant where Larry has a manual encounter with the Montana woman in the parking lot

Elaine Artie’s unseen fifth wife, who’s often away on safari (”Elaine’s in Kenya… for three months to photograph zebras humping.”)

Entertainment Weekly magazine that prints Arsenio Hall’s threat to ”kick [Larry’s] ass” and later uncovers chaos at Sanders (Artie: ”It’s not exciting enough for them, so they make up this s—.”)

Excedrin and artichoke hearts items Larry is buying when he knocks into a woman in a supermarket, setting off a media frenzy

Garden-Weasel weeding implement the network forces Larry to do live commercials for on the show

Ghost tearjerker that Jeannie tells Larry’s coworkers is his favorite film; movie-studio execs later suggest that the ending of a screenplay Larry has written should resemble Ghost‘s finale

girdle restrictive garment sported by Hank (”I wear this girdle for medical reasons. I am performing with pain.”)

the glance subtle look Larry gives Hank when he needs his help during an interview; Hank worries that guest-host Carvey won’t use it (”If he doesn’t give me the glance, I’m going to leave him standing there with his tallywhacker right in his hand.”)

Bobcat Goldthwait screeching comic Larry tries to convince the network to sign as host of its 12:30 a.m. show

Merv Griffin unctuous talk-show host who gave Larry his big break and whom Larry later betrayed by going on Carson

guest #1 cups specially marked mugs given to the first celeb interviewed on each show and fought over by Bruno Kirby and Steven Wright when both were booked for the same spot

Cindy Halloran demented Pensacola, Fla., woman who once stalked Hank across seven states

hand-on-hand flirtatious move made on Larry by guest Mimi Rogers, whom he later dates

Hankerciser 200 doorknob-attached fitness gizmo Hank hawks on a home-shopping channel and Larry’s journalist ex-wife, Francine (Kathryn Harrold), nearly exposes as dangerous

Hankmobile personalized golf cart Hank requests during his contract talks and ends up having to pay for himself

Hank’s for the Memories fanzine Hank personally writes and distributes

Hank’s Kerchief racehorse Hank once owned, known for jumping the rails at Santa Anita three races in a row

Hank’s Look Around Cafe revolving bistro (”Where you and your food go on an adventure”) into which Hank sinks vast sums of money

Hank’s Thoughts ”Larry King’s People”-like column in Hank’s for the Memories (”Maybe it’s me, but I think Sharon Gless should be on TV every night.”)

Hollywood Madame escort-service operator Hank patronized during the mid-’80s (”I was carrying some excess weight and I had a persistent skin rash it was hard for me to get dates.”)

I’m Larry, He’s Stan comedy album Larry cut with alcoholic ex-partner Stan Paxton (Eric Bogosian) in the mid-’70s, which features the track ”The Man on the Street Meets the Man on the Moon”

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