A radio deejay offers a charitable donation for help meeting the ''Melrose Place'' star

By Andy Langer
Updated July 08, 1994 at 04:00 AM EDT

While in Austin filming Texas Justice, an ABC miniseries, Melrose Place‘s Heather Locklear has become the dweebish obsession of Austin’s KLBJ morning deejay Bob Fonseca. Fonseca and cohost Dale Dudley recently offered to donate $500 to a listener’s favorite charity if he or she could arrange an in-studio encounter with the star. ”If anybody should get a radio shot at her Heatherness, it should be us,” says Fonseca, who’s been a fan since 1989’s The Return of Swamp Thing. ”We’ve spent the year driving Austin’s male Melrose fans out of the closet.” Listeners working as extras on the Justice set broached the subject with Locklear, but her only response was to call the offer ”sweet.” Asked if the actress will make Fonseca’s decade, Locklear’s spokeswoman had no comment.