Follow these rules, and reruns can be more fun the second time around

By Jessica Shaw
Updated June 24, 1994 at 04:00 AM EDT

Ah, summer — sun, sand, and reruns. But be not despondent, television addicts. Reruns can be rip-roarin’ fun, thanks to the many drinking games built around TV shows. The Bob Newhart Show kicked off this trend in the ’70s, with fans toasting the countless ”Hi Bob” greetings. The rules are simple: Players hold a beverage of their choice in one hand, and a list of TV phrases or actions in the other. If you hear or see an item on the list, quaff as indicated. Consider the following examples — some circulating among Internet fans, some Entertainment Weekly originals (but please remember: We recommend quitting after one show and encourage non-drinking fun, too — we hear some Melrose Place fans are playing ”Pin the Scar on Kimberly’s Head.”):

Seinfeld: Someone opens Jerry’s fridge (take one drink); Jerry says, ”Hello, Newman” (take two drinks)

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Someone invokes the Prime Directive (1 drink); Capt. Picard says, ”I appreciate your concern” (2 drinks)

The Simpsons: Barney burps (1 drink); Grandpa mentions Matlock (2 drinks)

NYPD Blue: Det. Kelly says, ”C’mere” or ”You okay?” (1 drink); Det. Sipowicz grabs his crotch (2 drinks)

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: Clark/Superman uses X-ray vision (1 drink); Lois asks how to spell a word (2 drinks)

Northern Exposure: Chris names an obscure philosopher (1 drink); Shelly tells a childhood story (2 drinks)

Roseanne: Dan has a beer (1 drink); Roseanne does laundry (2 drinks)

Beverly Hills, 90210: Donna mentions her virginity (1 drink); Mom Walsh prepares food (2 drinks)

Melrose Place: Alison looks up and whines, ”Uh. Billy!” (1 drink); Michael smirks (2 drinks)

Saturday Night Live: Someone looks at the cue cards (1 drink); You actually laugh at a skit (chug!)