A straw poll offers insight into how the industry and the audience are reacting

By Rebecca Ascher-Walsh and Jessica Shaw
Updated June 24, 1994 at 04:00 AM EDT
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Can Pierce Brosnan (Mrs. Doubtfire) teach an old franchise new tricks? As the former Remington Steele star prepares to make the 17th James Bond film, Goldeneye, due out next year, many wonder whether 007’s number isn’t up. We conducted a straw poll of interested parties and found the news had them a little shaken, but not stirred:

*The Box Office Analyst: ”It’s a mistake — Brosnan’s star has set. And I question whether there’s much life left in Bond after the Cold War.”

*The Theater Owner: ”The Bond legacy means a lot to exhibitors — I’d rather they make the film than not.”

*The Publicist: ”It’s a good decision. Where are they going to find a guy who’s sort of unknown but has experience? He’s more in line with Roger Moore than Sean Connery.”

*The Studio Executive: ”They should bring an old Sean Connery back before they put in an old Pierce Brosnan.”

*The Internet: ”Massive yuck. He’s even more of a girlyman than Roger Moore.”


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