June 24, 1994 at 04:00 AM EDT

It may not get you noticed by Hugh Grant — as it did Andie MacDowell in Four Weddings and a Funeral — but this is one untoppable topper. The black “sombrero” hat, made of stitched Chinese Laichow straw, comes with or without an organza bow, although “the bow makes it,” according to milliner Robyn Allardice. She and partner Tracey Morgard created the hat and several others for the film at their London store, Herald & Heart Hatters, where parties undaunted by the over-the-brim price of $300 can place their orders.

If there’s one irrefutable truth in the universe, it’s that the coolest electric guitar is still the Fender Stratocaster, first introduced in 1954 and the ax of choice for the likes of rockers Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton, as well as surf dudes like Dick Dale. And with 45 models to choose from (including one in paisley and a special 40th-anniversary limited edition), ranging from $410 to $2,500, there’s a Stratocaster out there for anyone who wants to wail away the hours.

“We all eat in a yellow submarine!” So Steven Spielberg and Jeffrey Katzenberg might have hummed as they plunged into the restaurant business with L.A.’s Dive! The new Century City eatery, a celeb mecca, is no dive. It looks like a submarine and serves submarines. Down the hatch.

Wanna get deep in the barrel like the wave cowboys in Endless Summer II? The costars do their thing on different boards: Pat O’Connell’s shortboard is sold at Rusty Surfboards in San Diego for $395; Wingnut’s longboard goes for $525 at Robert August’s shop in Huntington Beach, Calif.

Stereograms, Magic Eyes — whatever you call them, they’re just plain amazing. Simply look into the crazy quilt of dots, shift the focus of your vision slightly, and — voila — see 3-D unicorns, spaceships, wolves, etc. Available as books, posters, calendars, postcards, and, coming in July, videos.

It’s time to blow the dustballs off those phonograph needles. Bands like Sonic Youth and Stone Temple Pilots are offering Crayola-hued LPs as a format this summer. Indie labels revived the trend years ago as a fun way to create limited-edition collectibles. But kids raised on CDs may mistake them for Frisbees.

When NYPD Blue‘s Detective Sipowicz said those three little words “I like fish,” a full-scale fad was born. Tropical fish are the relatively low-maintenance pet choice of the ’90s-you don’t have to walk a regal angelfish (above), though it carries a regal price tag of $200.

Ever since waif-er thin model Kate Moss confessed she got a lift from the British Wonderbra, women have been clamoring for the cleavage creator. Now available are the $39.50 Gossard Super-Uplift (right), Victoria’s Secret’s $38 Miracle Bra, and the original $26 Wonderbra, whose trademark is owned by Sara Lee, which, of course, also makes cheesecake.

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