Robin Williams and Steven Spielberg use video games to relax

By Frank Spotnitz
Updated June 10, 1994 at 04:00 AM EDT

Robin Williams and Steven Spielberg have added a whole new dimension to their long-distance friendship. The director, who’s primarily based in Los Angeles, and the actor, who resides in San Francisco, are video-game rivals, competing often via electronic modem. “They play with a flight simulator and a whole raft of games,” says Spielberg spokesman Marvin Levy. The director even spent the morning after the Academy Awards at his Universal Studios offices trying to outwit Williams, who, it turns out, played a role in the making of Schindler’s List. “[When we were filming in Poland],” says Levy, “Robin would call Steven up and they would get into some games. It was a way of relaxing in the midst of some very intense activity.” So, who’s ahead? “They’re not keeping score,” says another Spielberg staffer, “it’s just for fun.”