Jack Russell terriers are the go-to dogs for comic relief

By Casey Davidson
June 10, 1994 at 04:00 AM EDT

Note to Prince Charles: You don’t have to be a pet detective to figure out that Pooh, your Jack Russell terrier who went AWOL from Balmoral, has probably hightailed it to Hollywood. Jack Russells are the town’s top dogs, fetching as much as $300 a day for comic turns. Here’s the power trio that might have made Pooh’s heart go pitter-patter.

Character’s name: Eddie.
Real name: Moose.
Age: 4.
Credits: NBC’s Frasier.
Human equivalent: Michael Richards.
Signature trick: Staring down costar Kelsey Grammer.
Up next: Another season on Frasier and two calendars. “He’s a star, but he doesn’t know it,” says his trainer, Mathilde deCagny. “He gets more fan mail than his costars.”

Character’s name: Milo.
Real name: Max.
Age: 6.
Credits: The Mask with Jim Carrey.
Human equivalent: Dean Cain.
Signature tricks: Unlocks and opens car doors, steals keys from prison guard to rescue his costar, leaps great heights.
Up next: Nothing so far, but the buzz is that the pooch’s performance will make him a breakout star. “He’s been groomed for [stardom],” says owner Steve Berens of Animals of Distinction. “We’ve been waiting for it.”

Character’s name: Baby.
Real name: Barkley.
Age: 4
Credits: Clean Slate with Dana Carvey.
Human equivalent: Woody Harrelson.
Signature trick: Slams into walls nose-first.
Up next: It Runs in the Family with Charles Grodin. Says a proud MGM spokeswoman, “He’s our own little star with a two-picture deal.”