After starring three new Aerosmith videos, Alicia Silverstone has the MTV crowd's attention in ''The Crush''

By Benjamin Svetkey
Updated June 10, 1994 at 04:00 AM EDT

Who’s sexier — Sharon Stone, Kim Basinger, or Alicia Silverstone? Who’s a better villain — John Malkovich, Wesley Snipes, or Alicia Silverstone? Who the heck is Alicia Silverstone? This week, on The 1994 MTV Movie Awards, Silverstone, 17, could snag more statues than Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, or any other nominated superstar. She’s up for three awards — Most Desirable Female, Best Breakthrough Performance, and Best Villain-all for her screen debut as an obsessed teen coquette in last year’s little-seen Lolita-meets-Fatal Attraction thriller, The Crush.

“When the tallies came in, we were as surprised as anyone,” says Doug Herzog, the network’s senior VP of programming. “Suddenly she’s the Steven Spielberg of the awards. But then it’s like, duh, of course MTV viewers are going to vote for her.” Hardcore MTV-niks have developed a crush on Silverstone based on her vixenish appearances in a trio of recent Aerosmith videos (she bunjee-jumps off a bridge in “Crying,” makes virtual nooky in “Amazing,” and strips a farm boy of his jeans in “Crazy”).

Silverstone, who grew up in San Francisco before moving to L.A. — where she answered a Crush casting call — has a somewhat abashed reaction to her MTV nods. “I feel a little weird about the Most Desirable nomination,” she says. “I mean, I was 15 at the time I made The Crush. It’s a little screwed up that this young girl should be looked at like that. But the other stuff is really flattering.”

Her next big-screen roles could bring her more attention: She’s currently filming True Crime, an actioner with Kevin Dillon (Matt’s brother); and Hideaway, a family thriller with Jeff Goldblum, and The Babysitter, a drama, are scheduled for release this fall. Don’t expect to find Silverstone bouncing around with Aerosmith again, though. “I’m done with that,” she says. “I’m an actress, not a model. It’d get pretty pathetic if all I ever did was rock videos.”