The actor loses out when his co-star passes on ''Bad Boys''

By Stephen Schaefer
June 10, 1994 at 04:00 AM EDT

These days, even the appearance of greed is not good, which may be why Jon Lovitz is distressed. Lovitz was slated to costar with another ex-SNLer, Dana Carvey, in the Don Simpson-Jerry Bruckheimer buddy pic Bad Boys. But when Carvey rejected the movie’s script, the duo’s pay-or-play contract clauses kicked in, reportedly earning Lovitz and Carvey $750,000 and $2 million, respectively, for not making the film. “It’s not my fault. I said I’d make the movie,” says Lovitz, whose City Slickers II opens June 10. “I passed up two other movies to do Bad Boys. This is a thing of honor.” Boys goes before the cameras at the end of this month with two new buddies, Martin Lawrence and Will Smith, in the title roles. Meanwhile, Lovitz is crying all the way to the bank. “It was a big mess,” he groans. “I’ll never go pay-or-play again.”