Kristian Alfonso returns to ''Days of Our Lives'' -- The actress keeps busy with roles old and new

By Alan Carter
Updated June 03, 1994 at 04:00 AM EDT

Two years ago, after nine seasons on NBC’s Days of Our Lives, Hope (Kristian Alfonso) tumbled into a vat of acid-presumably never to be seen again. ”They always said the door was open, but even I thought I was dead,” quips the actress. But Alfonso just resurfaced on Days and really made a splash this season on Fox’s Melrose Place in the ongoing role of Lauren, the naughty and haughty Heidi Fleiss-like Hollywood madam. Though her credits include a stint as a Wilhelmina model and as Pilar Ortega Cumson on Falcon Crest from 1988-90, Alfonso is not one to rest on her laurels; she recently starred in the USA movie Blindfold: Acts of Obsession, as Shannen Doherty’s sister. ”It’s an erotic thriller,” she says, laughing. ”Shannen did all the eroticism. I was just the thrills.”