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By EW Staff
Updated May 27, 1994 at 04:00 AM EDT

‘Trek’ Treat
What a wonderful cover (221, May 6)! To finally see the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation without their makeup: Spiner without the gold skin and contacts, Dorn without the Klingon headpiece, Burton without his visor-they all look fantastic. This is one cover I’ll actually frame!
Kuan-Lin ”Connie” Wang
Eustis, Fla.

Lest readers presume the worst, Patrick Stewart and the rest of TNG‘s cast were consummate professionals during the filming of the final episode, with nary a prima donna among them. As an assistant director I have never worked with a better cast and crew. It is sad to see it end. But, as the final , episode’s title sums up: ”All Good Things…”
David G. Trotti

A black-and-white Trek cover photo — how appropriate! With a wonderful premise inherited from the original Star Trek, TNG offered drab, one-dimensional characters and plots that reminded me of another formula series. May the demise of ”The Cosmic A-Team” make room for a truly innovative program.
Ron Wasilchak
Masury, Ohio

Thank you for your Star Trek cover and article. Bars of gold press latinum for everyone!
Byron A. Nilsen
Brunswick, Maine

Let me get this straight: Most of the actors didn’t want the show to end; the media can’t get a straight answer about why it’s ending; and we, the fans, are in mourning. Paramount executive Joel Berman thinks fans wouldn’t go see the movie if the show were still airing? The studio has really misjudged this one.
Lori A. Fekety
Jupiter, Fla.

Bad ‘Women’
It’s wrong-shockingly wrong.” Norma Shearer’s words from The Women about the marital infidelities of her day might be applied to the desires of Meg Ryan and Julia Roberts to remake the 1939 film (News & Notes). Hollywood can best salute the women of film by reviving the original works of those foremothers who paved the way for the screen actresses of today.
Paul DelGrosso
Washington, D.C.

Not to slight the talented Tony Kushner, but why is a man being considered to write the remake of The Women? The women involved aren’t as ”emancipated” as they’d like to think if they need a man to put the words in their mouths.
Christine Pettit

Good ‘Girlie’
Jeff Gordinier says Madonna’s Girlie Show video is ”as sexy as a swig of Pepto-Bismol”? He must have been swigging something stronger than that when he gave it a D. It wasn’t flawless, but her body alone made it worth watching.
Myrna Smith
Colorado Springs

Corrections: A caption accompanying our movie review of The Inkwell misidentified Vanessa Bell Calloway as Vanessa Bell Crowley. And our review of That’s Entertainment! III merged the titles of two films-The Belle of New York and The Barkleys of Broadway-into a nonexistent third. We regret the errors.