Comic horror films as good as ''Addams Family Values'' -- We discuss films that could fit the bill

By Lawrence O'Toole
Updated May 27, 1994 at 04:00 AM EDT

And only a comic horror movie can fit the bill, there’s dashing bloodsucker George Hamilton sweeping Susan Saint James off her feet on the disco floor in Love At First Bite (1979, Orion). Never before has anyone who has gotten so much sun been so afraid of it. B+

Anjelica Huston fans looking to find her in a similar milieu should check out The Witches (1990, Warner). With relish and high comic style, Huston plays the ugliest, wartiest witch imaginable, heading a convention of the daughters of Satan at an English resort. For oldsters and youngsters alike. B+

Connoisseurs of weird families might want to investigate the prototype: Frank Capra’s You Can’t Take It With You (1938, Columbia TriStar), a giddy portrait of family eccentricity, with Jean Arthur and James Stewart as a couple trying to keep sane amid a collection of oddballs and misfits. A