Another look at upcoming summer films -- We describe some of the key moments in ''Renaissance Man,'' ''Pulp Fiction,'' and ''The Little Rascals''

By EW Staff
May 27, 1994 at 04:00 AM EDT

Our highly selective gloss on what’s destined to get noticed at the movies this summer.

Admission, Worth the Price of See Marky Mark join the Army and recite Shakespeare in Renaissance Man
Blockbusters, Potential See Blown Away, Clear and Present Danger, The Client, The Lion King, The Mask, and True Lies; see also Hilary Swank before she learns to be The Next Karate Kid
Cameo, Conga-Line See Jean vander Pyl (voice of the original Wilma) dance with Elizabeth Taylor and Dino in The Flintstones
Darlings, Little See the Worton twins, Adam and Jacob, star (one at a time) in Baby’s Day Out
Entertainment, That‘s See Bruce Willis fully, frontally nude in Color of Night — if Disney doesn’t turn tail
Favorites, Dark-Horse See Black Beauty; see also the black-comic, ultraviolent Pulp Fiction
Gangsters, Girl See L.A. barrio homegirls in Mi Vida Loca; see also Darla give Spanky epance in The Little Rascals
History, Witness to See Tom Hanks share the screen with presidents Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon in Forrest Gump
Inch, Bet You Can’t Pinch an See Dennis Quaid, 43 lbs. underweight, as Doc Holliday in Wyatt Earp
Jurassic Park, The Next Sorry, not this summer
Kid, Comeback See Arnold Schwarzenegger put Last Action Hero behind him in True Lies
Latex, Aggressive See a new use for condoms in The Slingshot
Mistake, Tonsorial See Ted Danson’s ponytail in Getting Even With Dad
No-Hitters, Potential See if baseball pix Angels in the Outfield, Little Big League, and The Scout cancel one another out
Oscar, It’s Never Too Early to Think See Whoopi Goldberg in Corrina, Corrina; see also Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump
Persons, Missing Bruno Kirby’s Ed, gone from City Slickers II; Linda Hunt’s magician, cut from Maverick; Meryl Streep, washed into autumn by The River Wild
Quiz, Pop Remember Coneheads? See Airheads
Rematch, Romantic See Kelly McGillis and Alexander Godunov reprise their Amish courtship from 1985’s Witness in North
Short, Really Rather See all 77 minutes of It’s Pat
Therapy, Good Substitute for See Jessica Tandy and Bridget Fonda take to the road in Camilla
Ugly, The Good, the Bad, and the See Tommy Lee Jones as The Client‘s prosecutor, as Blown Away‘s mad bomber, and as Natural Born Killers‘ prison warden
Vehicles, Action See a city bus become a bomb in Speed
Weird, Just Plain See Milk Money, in which a kid stashes a prostitute in a treehouse to convince his widowed dad that she’s the wife and mom for them
X, Films That Will Try (and Fail) to Avoid Being Labeled Generation See Clerks and My Life’s in Turnaround
Young, Not for the See son date mom in Spanking the Monkey
Zorro, Something That Never Happened to See a mysterious masked man unmasked in Maverick