The Rolling Stones promote new album and tour -- The longest-rocking band sets sail in New York, to promote ''Voodoo Lounge''

By EW Staff
May 20, 1994 at 04:00 AM EDT

A Love Boat reunion? A group of senior citizens touring Manhattan on the Circle Line? No, just the Rolling Stones. In New York recently to promote a new album (Voodoo Lounge) and tour, the band chugged in on the Honey Fitz, a boat that once belonged to John F. Kennedy. No wonder they looked so burned- out: On a swing through L.A., the Stones hobnobbed up and down the Sunset Strip-at such chichi drinkeries as the Whiskey Bar and the Viper Room-like the bad boys they once were. Why the fanfare for the world’s longest-rocking band? As Richards put it, pointing at his own craggy face, ”Just look at us, darling.”