Robert S. Woods on ''Roseanne'' -- ''The One Life to Live'' star will appear on the sitcom


Ever since his 1982 Dry Idea deodorant commercial, Robert S. Woods-One Life to Live‘s immensely popular cowboy-turned-police commisioner Bo-has been linked with the line ”Never let ’em see you sweat.” But a May 17 Roseanne guest spot will test his cool, when he stars in Roseanne’s fantasies. Woods was on set during the now-infamous fight between the Arnolds; though Woods didn’t witness it, he says, ”It wasn’t a stunt. John Goodman gave (Roseanne) this real big hug and said, ‘Hang in there, baby.’ ” Woods, 46, a 1982 Daytime Emmy winner who is nominated again this year, felt like ”a highly paid extra” several years ago, but thanks to an on-screen romance with Hillary B. Smith, he and OLTL have been invigorated: ”They say you can’t have it all, but right now, life is one kick for me.”

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