By D.A. Ball
Updated May 20, 1994 at 04:00 AM EDT

The quotes from Late Night are fun, but the rest of The Letterman Wit: His Life and Humor isn’t nearly as entertaining as your friends talking about last night’s show. If Bill Adler ever met Letterman, nothing here reflects that. He dredges up snippets of old interviews and articles, and he quotes random remarks from Letterman acquaintances. (”David certainly had a wacky sense of humor,” is one such profundity.) Not surprisingly, Adler can’t even keep facts straight: On page 104, ”Letterman has always been an object of interest to women,” but on page 25, ”he was not popular with the girls.” The section on Letterman’s shift from NBC to CBS is interesting, and the gossip (ill feelings between Letterman and such folks as Bryant Gumbel, Cher, and Shirley MacLaine) is almost juicy, though it’s been told before. All in all, Dave deserves better. D+