We look at the male eye candy on TV, from David Hasselhoff to John Stamos

By Bruce Fretts
Updated May 20, 1994 at 04:00 AM EDT

Melrose is far from the only place on prime-time television currently populated by himbos. Flip around the channels on almost any night and you’ll be sure to see muscular meatheads from all over the country, in all walks of life, in various states of undress. Why, it’s a veritable himbo eruption out there!

David Hasselhoff of Baywatch
He’s an L.A. lifeguard. He finds a new love on the beach nearly every week. He’s Mitch Buchannon, Aqua-Himbo!

Corbin Bernsen of L.A. Law
He’s a sleazy divorce attorney. He has lusted after nearly every female at the firm of McKenzie, Brackman, form his secretary to his clients. He’s Arnie Becker, Himbo-at-Law!

Joe Lando of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
He’s handy with a hatchet. He hangs out with a virgin sawbones. He’s Byron Sully, Frontier Himbo!

John Corbett of Northern Exposure and Dan Cortese of Traps
One’s a spaced-out deejay, the other one’s a hotheaded cop. One lives in Alaska, the other one lives in Seattle. they’re Chris Stevens and Chris Trapcheck, Separated-at-Birth Himbos!

John Stamos of Full House and Joey Lawrence of Blossom
They’re the monosyllabic hubba-hubba older relatives of precocious sitcom girls. they’re real-life aspiring pop stars. They’re Jesse Katsopolis and Joey Russo, Teeny-bopper Himbos!

Costas Mandylor of Picket Fences
He’s the sheriff’s right-hand man. He’s the thickest guy in town. He’s Kenny Lacos, Deputy Himbo!

Tim Daly and Steven Weber of Wings
They’re devil-may-care pilots with their own one-plane-strong family airline. They’re charter members of the Mile High Club. They’re Joe and Brian Hackett, Brother Himbos!

Stone Phillips of Dateline NBC
He vapidly reads from the TelePrompTer. He has an impossibly chiseled face. He’s Stone Phillips, Info-Himbo!