The first 24 hour radio programming for kids under 12 based in Minneapolis plans to expand to New York City and Chicago

By Bob Cannon
Updated May 13, 1994 at 04:00 AM EDT

Worried about Howard Stern’s influence on your 10-year-old? Relax-help is out there in the form of Radio AAHS, the first 24-hour syndicated radio programming created exclusively for kids under 12.

The Minneapolis-based network, which plans to expand to New York City and Chicago next, was founded in 1990 by radio-business veteran Christopher Dahl as an alternative to the world of adult entertainment. With AAHS, kids can sample a varied menu of innovative kid-oriented programming. In addition to music from undiscovered performers, you might hear anything from Aladdin‘s ”Friend Like Me” to rock numbers by the Replacements. There are also quiz shows (”Brain Game”), educational programs, and call-in segments (”What Did You Learn in School This Week?”). So far, the response in the network’s 17 metropolitan areas has been phenomenal; AAHS gets more than 6,000 listener calls a day.

Twenty young deejays help fill the Radio AAHS airwaves. Talking to peers on the air ”is an opportunity that most kids don’t have,” says deejay Stephanie Watson, 15. ”One of the best things is knowing that kids are listening.”