By Michael Sauter
Updated May 13, 1994 at 04:00 AM EDT

If Jerry Lewis and Jessica Rabbit had a son, he might look something like Jim Carrey does in the trailer for The Mask (due July 29). Enhanced by special animation effects, Carrey is literally a live-action cartoon: His eyes bug out three feet in front of his face; his happily beating heart stretches out the front of his shirt. The movie, based on the cult comic book, centers on a timid bank clerk who finds an ancient mask that gives him the power of mind over matter. ”The effects you see in the trailer are just the tip of the iceberg,” promises Chris Pula, New Line Cinema’s president of marketing. But he also says that the film’s most impressive effect may be its rubber-faced star. ”Jim Carrey’s physical comedy shines brilliantly in this film. The special effects are only his costar.”