When Worlds Collide

These ’50s space operas from producer George Pal were, for their time, the most lavish sci-fi pictures ever (both won special-effects Oscars), but as drama, they’ll strike modern viewers as lame. When Worlds Collide is essentially 81 minutes of bad emoting by future TV actors. The War of Worlds, despite sub-Shatner acting by Gene Barry, has more going for it: effective thriller frissons provided by barely glimpsed Martians and realistically rendered alien war machines. Both pictures have been magnificently transferred, and each offers a bonus: Collide features a second audio track without dialogue (so you can act the parts yourself?), while War is presented for the first time in set-shaking stereo.
When Worlds Collide: B-
The War of the Worlds: B

When Worlds Collide
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