The decor diva is currently enjoying ''The Country Garden'' and ''Strange Pilgrims'', amongst other books

By EW Staff
Updated April 29, 1994 at 04:00 AM EDT

I’m looking at my bedside table—I always read in bed, I’m a famous insomniac—and there are two gardening books: The Country Garden, by Josephine Nuese, and 40 Years of Gardening, by Anna Gilman Hill. Lindon Miller, a famous landscape artist, told me about them, and I got them through a rare-book dealer. They’re both out of print. I’m also reading very good stories-Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s Strange Pilgrims. I also have Cynthia Moses’ Elephant Memories, a beautiful book. I’ve also got Anne Rice’s The Witching Hour sitting here, which I’ve been meaning to start but never do. I really love beautiful fiction and nonfiction.