After four years of marriage, Rosanne Arnold has filed for the divorce

By Melina Gerosa
April 29, 1994 at 04:00 AM EDT

There was a lot of stress and pressure in our lives, and it all came to a head,” says Tom Arnold, explaining what led Roseanne Arnold to end their four-year marriage after an April 15 shouting match in the parking lot at the studio where Roseanne is filmed. Tom denied Roseanne’s charges that he had physically abused her, as well as speculation that he had an affair with the couple’s ”spouse,” assistant Kim Silva. He told EW that the April 17 edition of 60 Minutes, in which Roseanne’s family insisted she was never abused, triggered her decision to file for divorce the next day. ”I know it was very painful for her,” he says.

Although Tom declares ”there is no way I’m going to engage in a negative campaign against (Roseanne). I love this woman,” the feeling isn’t mutual. Before hightailing it to Europe to contemplate, among other things, choosing a new name, Roseanne reportedly changed the locks on the duo’s Brentwood estate. Now living at the couple’s Wilshire Boulevard condo, Tom’s hoping for a reconciliation. The question around Hollywood is whether he has a career without his wife. Unless he manages to upstage Arnold Schwarzenegger in this summer’s True Lies, the answer is no. But that’s not the only burning question raised by the Arnolds’ public fracas:

Who gets the secret recipe for the loose-meat sandwiches?

Does this mean Tom reverts back to Christianity from Judaism?

What would it cost to remove a tattoo of Tom’s name or Roseanne’s face?

In the inevitable TV movie, should Rosie O’Donnell play Roseanne pre- plastic surgery and Shannen Doherty play her post-op?

How soon will CBS pull the plug on Tom?

Will her next husband also get his own show?

Who gets the ”No Place Like a Dysfunctional Home” sampler?

And does this mean that Julia Louis-Dreyfus gets to park in peace?