See what we thought of the teaser for Jack Nicholson's werewolf movie

By Michael Sauter
Updated April 08, 1994 at 04:00 AM EDT
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Trailer Park: ”Wolf”

Jack Nicholson as a werewolf. Can’t you just picture it already? Columbia Pictures is betting that you can with the teaser for Mike Nichols’ high-toned horror film, Wolf. The mood is modern Gothic: a full moon, a distant howl, a narrator who speaks of the savage inside every man. Then slowly, the moon begins to look like an eye, and the camera pulls back to reveal a familiar cocked eyebrow. And then, there is Nicholson, glaring with both eyes and looking very savage. After that we only see him twice, once bent over Michelle Pfeiffer in bed, again in a lunging blur. But never do we see him as the wolfman. Are we going to have to wait until the movie comes out? Maybe not. ”The next trailer will show more,” promises Marc Shmuger, Columbia’s executive VP of marketing. But, he cautions, ”this isn’t really a movie about makeup effects. There aren’t a lot of spectacular transformations.” There is, however, Jack Nicholson as a werewolf. Need they say more? B-


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