By Ron Givens
Updated April 08, 1994 at 04:00 AM EDT

Call it foreshadowing, or maybe just careful planning, but the Cute Beatle could have been using his last tour as a warm-up for a reunion with the Quiet One, the Funny One, and-through the miracle of audiotape-the Smart One. On this 84-minute program, Paul is Live: In Concert on the New World, patched together from a number of 1993 concerts, Paul McCartney sings more Beatles tunes (from the opener, ”Drive My Car,” to the closer, ”Hey Jude”) than songs from all the later phases of his career combined. The appeal of McCartney’s rather restrained delivery is undercut, however, by the deadening way in which shots from different performances of the same song have been edited together into a hyperkinetic montage-and the airless way in which crowd noise has been eliminated. B