No models in ''Model, Inc.'' -- The new show uses villains instead of real models to start off a series of fashion and catwalks

Models may be invading Hollywood, but don’t expect Linda or Cindy to be regulars on the Melrose Place spin-off, Models Inc. Producer Aaron Spelling has hired a bunch of unknowns to play the series’ pretty young things. In fact, the show’s only household name is Dallas‘ Linda Gray, who puts Models in motion by popping up on Melrose‘s April 27 episode as Amanda’s (Heather Locklear) long-lost mother. And to ensure that Models Inc. gets off to a successful start, this series will begin its run with plenty of villains. ”There’s a great deal of backbiting,” promises Spelling. Not that viewers won’t see their share of catwalks. ”We’re going to have a fantastic Nolan Miller fashion show,” says Spelling. ”I’m hoping his models will teach our actresses how to model.”

Models Inc.
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