Live theater over movies -- We list why live theater is better than sitting in front of a screen

By Jim Mullen
Updated April 08, 1994 at 04:00 AM EDT

1. You can’t always guess the ending after the first 10 minutes.

2. The ushers really ush. We don’t know what they do at movies.

3. There’s little chance of seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger in a stage show.

4.Small children cannot watch it over and over and over and over and over again and again and again and again and again.

5. Teenage mall rats don’t hang out in front of Annie.

6. There’s an intermission, which lets you take care of business without missing anything.

7. The actors can respond to your enthusiasm, laughter, and applause. Or lack of it.

8. There are very few tedious car chases on stage.

9. The audience hardly ever erupts into gang violence after the performance.

10. When was the last time you gave a movie a standing ovation?