Kid's favorite super-heroes -- Kids tell us why they love the Incredible Hulk, Rogue, and Superman

By EW Staff
Updated April 08, 1994 at 04:00 AM EDT

If you could be any comic-book superhero, who would you be?
”The Incredible Hulk, because he helps the innocent when there’s a robbery. He beats the thieves up and throws them in the garbage can-well, not always, but most of the time.” –Jerreit Briseno, 11, Eloise, Fla.

”Rogue’s the best. She’s one of the female X-Men. Her special power is that she can take away the special powers of other things just by touching her skin. She can also fly, and she’s real strong.” -Lauren Toohey, 8, Wilkins Township, Pa.

”I kind of like Superman the best because he always saves people. I like it when he flies and when he turns from a man into Superman.” -Evelyn Jew, 8, San Francisco