''The Crow'' release rescheduled -- Bob Weinstein changes the date from Friday the 13th

By Stephen Schaefer
Updated April 08, 1994 at 04:00 AM EDT

How’s this for bad timing? Until recently, Miramax planned to release the ill-fated Brandon Lee film, The Crow, on May 13. As in Friday the 13th. Realizing how unlucky that might be, the company moved the opening to May 11. But ghoulishness was never the studio’s intent. ”I didn’t even think of (it),” says Miramax cochairman Bob Weinstein. ”We just wanted to be out before Maverick.” The film was completed with rewriting and the use of a stunt double after Lee’s accidental death during filming last March. ”You can’t tell,” says Weinstein, who nevertheless admits, ”there’s something hanging over the film (given everything) that’s happened.”