Ann Wall Frank's newest recipes -- Cooking up tempting recipes for the not so health conscious woman is the author's specialty

By Rebecca Ascher-Walsh
Updated April 08, 1994 at 04:00 AM EDT

Ann Wall Frank, author of Cooking for Your Evil Twin: Devilishly Tempting Recipes for the Modern Woman, has found her calling. ”I want to be the antithesis of Martha Stewart,” the Portland, Ore.-based food hound says modestly. Certainly, Frank’s idea of living has little to do with her alter ego’s. No vanilla infusions or herbal broths are needed for ”Blake’s Pickle” (dip one dill into one jar soft peanut butter) or ”Desperately Seeking Sugar Instant High Sandwich” (combine 1 tablespoon brown sugar, 1 tablespoon butter, 2 slices white bread). ”I asked my women friends what they need when they have a bad hair day, or when the dog dies,” says the author, who confesses to a particular weakness for ”Won’t Bite Back Chocolate Chews” (20 graham crackers, 1 cup sweetened condensed milk, chocolate chips, and pecans). ”My sister likes beer nuts and chocolate chips in a bag together. But when you get a speeding ticket, maybe you need cake mix on the tongue.”

The only recipe requirement for these comfort foods is ”GWR, or a Good When Raw factor,” Frank confides, adding, ”I’m saying ‘lighten up.’ There are 150,000 women self-help books — Women Who Say No When They Should Have Scrubbed Their Floors, Women Who Name Their Polyps.” (Her counterattack: ”Gorging Your Inner Child Waffles,” and ”Dysfunctional Tomatoes,” a combination fraught with butter, brown sugar, bread crumbs, vinegar, and canned tomatoes.) Frank — who runs 40 miles a week to work off her longings — has a simple philosophy: Eating bad food can make us better people. ”This morning, my sister ran her 10 miles, and then she had her brownie for breakfast. She’s so happy, she’s so well-adjusted. Had she gotten up and had her oat puffs, she’d be a bitch.”